• AB was 262 Approved by Governor  October 12, 2019. Filed with Secretary of State  October 12, 2019.
  • *"The bill would authorize the local health officer to issue orders to other governmental entities within the local health officer’s jurisdiction to take any action the local health officer deems necessary to control the spread of the communicable disease."
  • Board of Supervisors Declared a "State of Emergency" and as a result delegated full power of our County to Dr Clayton Chau.
  • Dr Clayton Chau is not elected by we the people of Orange County.


*Coincidental that this occurred right before the "Pandemic" began?


Dr Clayton Chau

  • Dr Clayton Chau is a Psychiatrist and Head of public health in Orange County, head of Healthcare Agency in OC with a 1B budget.
  • In 2014, he failed to disclose lucrative drug company speaking fees which came primarily from Astrezena.  ($149K from speaking fees, $84K in violation of agency policy).
  • His degree in psychology is from Chelsea University in London, otherwise known as a fraudulent university or substandard university.
    • When asked about this he states there is no reason to worry about this because he never practiced psychology.  Upon further research, it is another false claim.

Fellow Orange County citizens, this is who we have leading our "Pandemic."  An unelected official that is in complete control of our county since we are still in a "state of emergency."  


  • Why was he chosen by the Board of Supervisors?
  • Who were the other candidates that were considered?
  • Why has there been countless unfavorable articles written about him?
  • What is his experience with pandemics? What are his accomplishments? Why is his degree from a fraudulent university?
  • More importantly why was he promised a position for life during the 4/13 board of supervisors meeting AFTER several hundred Orange County citizens attended the meeting to complain about this?  The Board of Supervisors dug their heels in against the will of the people.

Simply stated, why does Mr Chau have this level of control over we the people? He is not elected by we the people.

Putting Mr Chau's credentials aside, he is most well known for claiming that any child should be given the "jab" in Orange County without parental consent. Yes, this doctor believes that he has a right to medically "jab" your child with or without your consent.  After multiple attorneys along with many upset parents came out against this, he changed his tune.

Composite Athena Contract

  • A no Bid Contract was signed &, shielded from the public, last November by an agent of the OC health department.
    • Not the board, but by an unelected government employee with zero accountability to the voters and taxpayers.
  • This occurred on the watch of Supervisors Andrew Do, Doug Chaffee, Katrina Foley,  Donald P Wager and Lisa Bartlett.

The Board of Supervisors is supposed to serve we the people, yet they made this unilateral decision under the disguise of a "state of emergency."

They used tax payer dollars in secrecy.  Why?

* (To date, please review the other hires made by this board.  There is more to this story to follow). 

[Click the image below to view the 66 page contract]

"The Jab" Passports

"Jab" passports violate our constitutional rights.  It is that simple and there is no way around it.   "Jab" passports have nothing to do with being pro or against "jabs".  Do not let the board of supervisors confuse you with using words like "anti jab" or "jab hesitancy".   "Jab" passports:

  1. Violate our constitutional rights
  2. Create two different classes of people
  3. Result in many privacy issues; Collects all your data
  4. Continue to give big Tech more control
  5. Are Inequitable as 30% of the elderly don't have smartphones, 15% of minorities cannot avail themselves of this system and 20% of the population are poor with no access to smartphones.
  6. Do you want a digital breadcrumb trail of your day to day life on record with big tech? Where do we draw the line?
  7. Immoral

The Board of Supervisors refuses to adopt a resolution that prohibits OC businesses from adopting a "jab" passport, in fact they are encouraging this.  

As a side note: Selling Data is the most lucrative business on the market today.  

State of Emergency

  • There is no fact based data or reason our county is still in a "state of emergency".
    • The county continues to renew the state of emergency
    • This keeps Mr Clayton Chau in a powerful position of complete control
    • Most residents of Orange County are not aware of this
  • Why are we in a state of emergency?
    • Where is the data to justify this?
    • We are being forced to wear masks. Where is the science and data?
    • Where is the transparency?
  • Where is the due diligence, fact finding, record keeping etc, that leads to Mr Clayton Chau's decisions to maintain a state of emergency for over a year?
  • How can our interests be served when:
    • There is no transparency from the Board of Supervisors (signing contracts and breaking laws)
    • Everything is done in secrecy
    • The Board of Supervisors doesn't care about citizen's concerns
    • There is no regard for citizens basic rights?
    • The Board is defaming the concerned citizens by calling them "conspiracy theorists" and using the word "republicans" in a derogatory manner.
  • The current plan is to outright violate citizen's rights by teaming up and incentivizing private businesses and big tech to implement vaccine passports under this continued false state of emergency.

Please feel free to watch the last 2 Board of Supervisors meetings where the concerned citizens of Orange County show up and demand transparency only to be sidelined both times.  The highly concerned citizens continue to show up every 2 weeks to demand answers to which they receive no answers, but public attacks!  We elect these people.  They serve us.  Yet they are not serving the interests of our community.  


  • Supervisor Don Wagner went as far as doing a press conference to discourage the public from finding out about their activities
  • Don Wagner decided to pretend the concerned citizens are conspiracy theorists who believe a tracking mechanism is in a "jab" which is complete nonsense.  No such statement has been made.
  • Supervisor Don Wagners stunt showed we the people the lengths they will stoop to to mask the fact that they have broken many laws and engaged in corruption.
  • This speaks to the issue of what we are dealing with in our community.  Lies from our own board?  Please read the defamatory nonsense below and enjoy a good laugh.

"A leading public health officer in California was forced to confront a baseless conspiracy theory on Tuesday and had to declare publicly that Covid-19 vaccines do not carry tracking devices.

The unusual moment unfolded Tuesday as Orange County's top public health administrator, Dr. Clayton Chau, answered questions from members of the county Board of Supervisors.“In the "jab" we heard about the injection of a tracking device. Is that being done anywhere in Orange County?” Supervisor Don Wagner asked.

A surprised Chau appeared to chuckle under his mask before answering.

“I’m sorry. I just have to compose myself," Chau said. "There is not a "jab" with a tracking device embedded in it that I know of that exists in the world. Period.” "Is 

The Orange County Board of Supervisors

Where has the "cares" stimulus money been spent?  

What else is the Board of Supervisors approving in secrecy with the citizens tax money?

How could the Board of Supervisors keep the citizens of this county in a false, arbitrary based state of emergency?

How could the Board of Supervisors defame the citizens of this county by implying they are baseless conspiracy theorists instead of being transparent and serving we the people?  

How could the Board of Supervisors mislead the public by stating that there will be no mandated "jab" passport only to pass the buck to private businesses and incentivize them to do it?  We the people have rights!  We the people are united.  Corruption no more.  Stop INCENTIVIZING big tech to breach the privacy of the OC residents.

Right To Breath

Wearing a face mask obstructs oxygen.

  • Hypoxemia is low oxygen level in the blood
  • Hypoxia is low oxygen level in the tissue
  • Oxygen is needed for the health of our organs, which is why many people take bimolecular oxygen supplements.  
  • Oxygen keeps us HEALTHY!!!
  • COVID droplets are 1/1000th the size of mask holes and easily escape a mask!
  • Are all masks tested? Manufactured the same way? Backed by science?

Does a change in oxygen effect everyone the same way? no.  Do vaccines effect everyone the same way? no.  Hence the importance of informed consent on mask wearing.

Have you seen the studies that show prolonged mask usage leads to brain damage in children?  Irreversible brain damage?

Where is the data showing the effectivity of mask wearing? Infact the CDC recently published a study that showed a 0.7% increase in preventing COVID.  What???

Did you know it is illegal in the state of CA for anyone to mandate you wear a medical device (ie: mask)?

Do you know if there are any chemicals that you are breathing in from the masks thus impacting your body's natural ability to detoxify itself?

At our peak of COVID as a nation, before masks became mandatory, how was the population not wearing masks with a 99%+ survival rate?

Did you know COVID is microscopic? It cannot be seen by the visible eye.  COVID is microscopic and cannot be spread from the asymptomatic.  

We must protect our birth right to breathe, this is our God given right.  Mask wearing must be a choice.