About OC Corruption

Why Was OCunite.org Created?

Citizens of Orange County.  Welcome.  This site represents the several hundred orange county citizens that are trying to educate and inform all our fellow Orange County citizens.   We love our County and strive to ensure our local government serves we the people and is actually elected by we the people.  Our goal is to ensure that the public servants we elect serve the will of the people and best interests in this county.   

Fellow citizens, I urge you to unite and join this community.  We have exposed the funds being approved and spent on by Dr Chau & the Board of Supervisors in secrecy.  It is disturbing and unsettling when you begin to understand the local Orange County Board of Supervisors role along with the Orange County Health Officer in keeping us in a continuous state of emergency and violating some of our rights.

What can you do?

Join the board of supervisors meetings every other Tuesday and voice your concerns like many others in the videos on this site

Help the movement as we start recall procedures

Join our community of Freedom lovers that love this county and our country

Spread the word to our fellow OC citizens.  This isn't a bi partisan issue.  This is a freedom loving community intending to ensure our local government serves we the people  as opposed to an alternate agenda. 


Recall any local county public officers that don't have our best interests at heart

Stand up and be vocal about corruption, inform the OC citizens.

Unite.  Always be united to protect our community.

Protect our constitutional rights

Don't move out of the County. Use your voice.  United we are powerful.